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Sara Olson

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London's Pregnancy, Birth,
& Postpartum Expert
offering Prenatal Classes
& Prenatal & Postpartum
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About Me

I worked as a Registered Midwife for the past 8 years supporting pregnant folks and their families, most recently here in London. Part of this work centred around educating and empowering birthing people, and I have always loved being able to do this. I feel lucky to be able to continue with this through my in-person prenatal classes and postpartum support home visits.

I became a Midwife after I completed my Bachelor of Health Sciences in Midwifery at McMaster University in 2015, and before that I completed a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Western Ontario, with an Honours Specialisation in Psychology.

I have gained invaluable knowledge and experience during my schooling and work as a Midwife that I am now able to pass along to you through my in-person prenatal classes and home visits, as you and your family journey into parenthood.

Sara Olson, Midwife Teacher Smiling


Positive Pregnancy Test
Prenatal Class 1: Preconception
& Early Pregnancy
Couple Pregnant Woman
Prenatal Class 2:
Late Pregnancy
& your Birth
Mom and Dad kissing Newborn baby
Pre-&-Postnatal Class 3: Newborn Care & Your Postpartum
Expecting Couple Pregnant Woman and partner
Pregnant Woman Virtual Class
Pregnant Woman and Support Person
Parents with Newborn Baby
Prenatal Class
Private Virtual Prenatal Class
Private In-Home Prenatal Class
Postpartum Support & Education Visits
LGBTQ+ Love Family
Lesbian Gay Couple Expecting Pregnant
LGBTQ+ Prenatal Class 1: Growing
Our Families (Preconception)
LGBTQ+ Prenatal Class 2: Navigating the Healthcare System
Once Pregnant
Woman pregnant with Twins with Support
Twins Prenatal Class 1: Pregnancy
Couple with Newborn Twins
Twins Pre-&-
Postnatal Class 2:
Newborn Care & the Postpartum
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